What is the remake of Gold Rush!?
Gold Rush! was released in 1988 and was distributed by Sierra On-Line. It was one of the last adventure games which were developed with the AGI-engine. Although it was not one of the most popular games developed by Sierra, it was one of the most extensive. It offered over 130 scenes and three approaches.
Gold Rush! Anniversary which was released for PC, Mac, Linux (in 2014), iOS and Android (early 2015) includes the same storyline. But the remake comes along with High-End graphic, full audio response, played music and optimized quests. Also the dead ends and random deads were optimized from the original. The game includes three approaches just as the original.

Is it really a complete new game?
Oh yes! In this development we do a lot of work. From the original game we use only the texts (and this were optimzed) and the quests-logic. But there will be some more new quests too!

How came the idea to this project?
A few years ago we got in touch with the McNeill Brothers. However it took some time more until we agreed upon the development of the remake. For the McNeill Brothers it was very important that the development of the remake was conducted by someone experienced in the field of game producing, especially in producing adventure games. We maintain close contact with the MacNeill brothers.

Who has developed the remake?
Sunlight Games is experienced in the field of developing computer games. The producer Marco Sowa has already produced more that 80 games, including popular adventure games such as Ankh or Criminal intent. The development team has also already developed games.

What is Gold Rush about?
Jerrod, the protagonist lives in Brooklyn and enjoys a solid life. His one and only worry is that he hasn’t noticed any signs of life from his brother James for years. James was forced to leave the city rapidly 10 years ago. But then things come thick and fast. Jerrod gets a letter and wants to travel as fast as possible to James. At almost exactly the same time the Gold Rush! breaks out and most of the residents are lured to California where James lives now. Jerrod has to decide for one of the three routes: Going by carriage through the country, on a boat to Panama or across the Cape Horn. Arriving in California some puzzles wait for Jerrod until he finally finds his brother.

How does the Classic version differ from the Remake Version?
The Remake offers prerendered graphics, maximum in Full-HD-Resolution. Additionally it includes voice and new recorded music. The control is provided with the original parser as well as an intelligent point-and-click control. The story is quite similar. However the random deads and dead ends have been optimized.

How is the game controlled?
The English parser is provided with the game just as in the original version. We give it as a gimmick for the retro-fans. We have also included a novel point-and-click control.

Is the game be in 2D or 3D?
The back rounds are prerendered in 3D and are shown as 2D. All animations in the game are implemented in real time in 3D. Technically we speak of an implementation in 2.5D

Is there be a needed online-connection to play the game?
There are two version available:
The version on the DVD will be DRM-free, so there is no need for an online-connection!
Only the version you can buy on Steam will need an online-connection to Steam!

Where can I buy the remake?
Gold Rush! Anniversary can be ordered in the online-shop of Sunlight Games (German or English box and digital version). We ship to the most countries in the world! There is also offered also a Special Edition which includes a lot of gimmicks and which is limited to 350 units!
The box version was released at 28th November 2014.
The digital version was released at 07th November 2014. It will, among others, also be available on the common download stores like Steam, Amazon and many more.
Gold Rush! Anniversary is available in some retail-stores too.
The mobile versions for iOS and Android was released in March 2015.

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