What is Gold Rush! 2?
Gold Rush! 2 is a complete new developed adventure game, which is the sequel of Gold Rush! Classic and Gold Rush! Anniversary

Is it really a complete new game?

How came the idea to this project?
While the development of the remake we discussed ideas for a sequel with the McNeill brothers and they liked the idea. After finishing the remake we decide to develope that sequel. The story came from the MacNeill brothers and from Marco Sowa from Sunlight Games.

Who is developing the game?
Like the remake the sequel was be developed by Sunlight Games too. Only the story came as most parts from the MacNeill brothers.

What is Gold Rush about?
Jerrod, the protagonist and his brother Jake found a big gold vain in California. They fund them in the last 20 years and invest most parts of the money in their home-town Brooklyn. But the times has changed and they got a lot of bad news of their person of trust. A gang should own big parts of their home-town and the condition of Brooklyn is very bad. They decide to leave California, sell the mine and going back to Brooklyn.

How is the game controlled?
As in the remake we use an optimized point-and-click control. There will be no parser in the game like in the remake.

Is the game be in 2D or 3D?
The back rounds are prerendered in 3D and are shown as 2D. All animations in the game are implemented in real time in 3D. Technically we speak of an implementation in 2.5D

Will there be a box version?
Yes. There will be an English and a German version.

Is there be a needed online-connection to play the game?
The version you can buy on Steam will need an online-connection to Steam! The box version will contain a DRM-free version, so there is no online-connection needed.

Where can I buy Gold Rush! 2?
Gold Rush! 2 can be ordered in the online-shop of Sunlight Games.
There your can also buy the Classic-version, Gold Rush! Anniversary and the limited edition of Gold Rush! Anniversary.

Here you find our online-shop: